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How to install Kodi on iOS 9 without jailbreak

Just recently i had to reconstruct my HTPC as it was getting instead chaotic and also slow. At the time, we were still running an older version of XBMC "Gotham" before it was renamed to Kodi "Helix". kodi We were additionally running our iPads a little behind on iOS 8.x since while updates are nice, occasionally it takes a bit for the pests to be worked out with a lot of updates.

This is particularly the situation when handling open-source software as things tend to take a while to be suitable with whatever adjustments business like Apple make.

After quite a great deal of Google browsing to attempt and locate some responses (there was fairly a great deal of "iOS 9 AirPlay braked with Kodi" messages) without much in the method of solutions for the problem. kodi chromecast  There was a really visible blog post on the Kodi forums when researching the issue which you could check out below which thorough a fair bit concerning the issues with having AirPlay wo…